Winter Programs at The Woods

Winter is a magical time to be at Westminster Woods. During the winter months, the forest becomes a lush paradise with swelling creeks and tributaries, spawning coho salmon, meandering banana slugs, and flourishing plants and mushrooms. If you’re lucky enough to come to The Woods in the winter, you might get the chance to explore all that a thriving coastal redwood ecosystem has to offer in the wet season.


Rain or shine, our Teacher Naturalists run meaningful and engaging school programs. On rainy days when groups venture out on trail, everyone is equipped with a sturdy poncho to stay dry.

After adventuring into the forest and observing the effects of a good rainstorm, students can dive deeper into their scientific practices in our two new indoor laboratories. In the microscope lab, students have the opportunity to discover a microscopic world they may have never noticed before. And in our skulls lab, students can explore the structure and function of animals that live right here at Westminster Woods!

Hot Cocoa.jpg

On cold and wet days we may wind down together with a hot cup of cocoa and class meetings can be held around the meeting room fireplace. At night, students and chaperones stay cozy in heated cabins. Sabertooth, one of our legendary Teacher Naturalists, first came to The Woods as a 7th grade student. When he remembers his week of rainy adventures, he recalls “My Teacher Naturalist told me there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes for climate. So, we put on our ponchos, laced up our rain boots and had a great time splashing in puddles and searching for critters. The hardest part was getting home and trying to explain to my mom that I wanted to play outside in the rain.” Whether the sun is shining or rain is falling, students, teachers, and chaperones are sure to a have a memorable experience at Westminster Woods.


Check out this video made by one of our amazing schools for a sneak peak into a school trip to Westminster Woods!