6 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp at The Woods

Have you signed your child up for summer camp yet? Summer Camp at Westminster Woods is a life changing and life giving experience. From new experiences to new friends, your child will come away with life long memories. Take a look at the list below for six of the reasons to send your camper to summer camp. 

6 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp at The Woods!


In today’s fast paced culture we need to practice unplugging from the over stimulation of data and technology. This steady stream of information and stimulation impacts the still-developing minds of children in many ways. Therefore, it is important to help children learn that removing yourself from the screen filled world is not only a good thing, but also vital for their developmental health. Summer camp is a tech free zone. Without the distraction of phones, gaming devises, and tablets children are free to play using the original play devise… their imagination and nature.



Summer Camp is a great opportunity to stretch and grow through trying new things. Westminster Woods provides unique experiences and activities for children to challenge and grow themselves in developmentally appropriate ways including challenge course, outdoor exploration, faith based activities, and play. 



Campers will learn vital interpersonal relationship skills such as, learning to actively listen to others and beginning to understand empathy.  Plus the value of life-long friendships created through engaging activities, a week of play, intentional conversations with small groups and at meals. 

4. PLAY 

Have free time for unstructured play. “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”- Plato Most therapists today say that children are over scheduled. Their lives are so packed they don’t have time to play. For more information about the importance of play check out the National Institute for Play.



God created the world and so often we miss the beauty around us. At Westminster Woods we seek to help children slow down and see what God created. For many of our campers it is the first time ever seeing the forest and we have the privilege of helping them see the beauty of creation. Spending time in nature is an amazing way to connect with God and find a respect for this little planet we live on. We are located in a coastal redwood forest and the historic Dutch Bill Creek runs through our property. Campers will be able to explore this property by hiking, stream activities, and intentional reflection time in nature.


Our desire at Westminster Woods is to create a safe spiritual space to encounter the Triune God (Creator, Savior, and Holy Spirit). Where campers can experience God, question God, and discover God without feeling pressure to believe something they are not ready to believe. Westminster Woods holds the belief that this place is one of the many avenues of faith discovery. A week at summer camp allows campers to encounter God through engaging with summer staffers, fellow campers, speakers and other volunteers to uncover more of who God is in their life. This place is a stepping stone of faith, where campers can take home the mystery of faith to continue to uncover more of our loving God.

Register before April 1st and receive a $25 discount. Use the code “EARLYBIRD” at the online checkout or on your paper registration form. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Ministries Department if you have questions about the program or registration.

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