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*Please do not bring your pets to drop off or pick up your child.

Cell Phones at Camp

We understand that you are concerned about your child while they are away from home.  However, we do not encourage phone calls at camp. Please do not have your camper bring his/her cell phone; we do not have cell phone coverage and we do not want something so valuable to get lost or damaged.


We hold mail call every day in the afternoon with care packages being handed out on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Many campers enjoy receiving positive notes from home.  

Care Package Policy:  You can drop off up to two (2) care packages at our office when you check-in your camper or you may choose to mail care packages to the above address. Care packages can be no larger than one (1) square foot. No liquids. Please limit the amount of sweets.

Letter Policy: All letters received in time will be delivered. You can drop off letters at our office when you check-in your camper or you may choose to mail letters to the above address. Faxes will not be delivered.

Campers Sending Mail: Campers can send mail from camp to camp if they have friends or siblings in other camps that week. Please send your camper with stamps if they hope to write home during their time at camp.

Address packages and letters clearly with:

Westminster Woods


6510 Bohemian Hwy.

Occidental, CA 95465-9106

Forget to send mail to your camper? Fill out the form below and it will be printed out and they will receive it during Mail Call. 

Name *


For the personal safety of all campers, medications are not allowed in the cabins with the expectation of inhalers and epi-pens. Inhalers and epi-pens will be in the care of the assigned cabin counselor. Medications must be checked in by the medical staff at registration.

  • All camper prescription medications must be brought to camp in the original containers with a current Rx label.

  • Medications will be dispensed as the doctor ordered it to be given.

  • Medication will not be dispensed to a child if their name is not on the label.

  • If you request your child’s medicine to be dispensed other than as prescribed on the label, you must have your doctor fax us an order indicating the change.

  • Unlabeled medications will be held (not given) until we receive a doctor’s faxed order.

  • Our fax for medical information is 707-874-9129.

Rx medications will be dosed by an MD, RN or pharmacist. After medications are dosed, they may be administered by a First Aider. Over the counter medications may be dosed and administered by an MD, RN, pharmacist, or First Aider.


Our number one priority at Westminster Woods is to create a safe environment for all campers. We hold to three main guidelines: Be Safe, Be Kind, and Respect Nature. These guidelines are discussed on the first day of camp to create a safe culture for the week. This list is not comprehensive but a start to a larger conversation about how we live together well.


Westminster Woods No Tolerance Policies: breaking one of these policies will result in a camper going home. No alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cannabis and/or illegal substances (including e-cigarettes, vaporizer pens, and associated devices). No weapons including guns, pepper spray, multi-use tools, and pocket knives. No bullying. No violence.