Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I send my camper to Westminster Woods?

We offer a place where campers are free to grow into their own faith and to feel God’s love in their life.  A week at the Woods helps young people to develop lasting, meaningful relationships with peers, counselors and mentors.  We pray that campers return home inspired to continue growth in God through Jesus Christ.

What happens in a typical day at camp?

A typical day at camp involves a mix of activities.  Campers spend the morning engaging in quiet time, worship and prayer, and lesson and activity time with their family groups.  After lunch, campers participate in all-camp activities, which can include small and large group games. Afternoons include rest-time and free-time which are supervised by their cabin counselors.  During free-time, campers can choose between a number of activities including the challenge course, craft shack, games on the big green field, archery, swimming in the pool, hiking with other campers and counselors.  The day closes with dinner and evening events like capture the flag, relays, night swims, then campfire and speaker time, cabin talks, and then lights out.

Who is supervising my child?

Each cabin or tent has a counselor who will supervise and care for their campers throughout the week. Our cabin counselors are trained to provide camper safety and to meet the needs of children of various ages. Our counselors are mentored and supervised by experienced Summer Staff and the Directors of Ministry. We conduct background checks for Summer Staff, medical staff, speakers, and volunteers over 18.   We are committed to providing safe, high-quality, Christian staff and volunteers to supervise our campers and lead our programs. 

How do I know if my child is ready for overnight camp?

We trust your judgment.  We want your child to enjoy their time here.  If your child is excited about overnight camp and has successfully spent one or more nights at the homes of relatives or friends, they will most likely be ready for overnight camp.  However, if your child is fearful and reluctant, you may choose to have them wait another year to come.  If you would like to arrange a visit to the camp to meet our staff and walk around, please contact the Ministries Department.

What if my camper gets homesick?

Our counselors are trained to respond to homesick campers with extra love and attention.  We try to keep campers engaged in the activities of the day.  In extreme cases, we will call the parent for additional guidance and arrange for the camper to call home.  You can help prevent homesickness by communicating with your child about what to expect at camp, building their confidence in being away from home, and telling them that camp will be a fun and positive experience.  Please instruct your child to communicate with his or her counselor if they feel sad, upset or uncomfortable while at camp.  We recommend that you do not tell your camper that you will pick them up if they are struggling.  In our experience, campers who think they have the option to go home mid-session often show more signs of homesickness.

What if my camper has special needs?

There is space in our registration for you to inform us about any special needs your camper has.  Additionally, we would like to communicate with the family ahead of time, over the phone to determine the best ways to address these needs.

What if my camper has a special diet?

Westminster Woods is committed to ensuring that all guests receive nourishing and safe meals while participating in our programs. Please let us know if your camper requires a vegetarian diet. We recognize that many individuals have additional dietary restrictions or allergies that can be extremely severe. For other dietary needs, such as gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, egg-free, or low salt/carb/sugar diets, we encourage you to send supplemental food that is safe for your camper to eat.

what behavior guidelines are there at camp?

Please visit the Parent Information page to learn more about Behavior Guidelines.

What happens if there are discipline issues?

We rarely experience serious disciplinary issues because we keep campers constantly moving and engaged in various activities.  However, in the event a camper acts out, we handle discipline on a case-by-case basis.  Talking to campers in a fair, firm and friendly way is our first response.  We communicate with you as needed and work in partnership with you to develop effective solutions.  We have a no-bullying policy in effect.  Campers who bully, demonstrate aggressive behavior or who are involved in fighting will be sent home.

What if my camper gets sick or injured?

We have Licensed Medical Staff on grounds and several First Aid-trained Summer Staff who can respond to basic health needs 24 hours a day.  We communicate with you for any serious sickness or injury. There are paramedics on call just a few minutes from us, and we’re located only 12 miles from a hospital emergency room.

My camper is in a grade where he/she is eligible for two programs. How should I pick between a younger and older camp?

As a parent, you know your camper’s temperament and maturity best.  If you think they will have a better camp experience with a younger group, then consider sending them to camp with the younger campers.  If you think they will grow through experiences with an older group, then consider sending them to camp with the older campers.  Your decision may also depend on which camp your child’s friends will attend or if they are transitioning from elementary school to middle school.  If you have more questions, please contact the Ministries Department.