Established in 1946 along the historic Dutch Bill Creek, our setting includes miles of hiking trails, a one-of-a-kind community playground, and a heated swimming pool. Our kitchen prepares healthy and delicious meals for your group, and we offer deluxe lodging, standard cabins and tent camping to meet your needs.  Our seasoned staff and gorgeous, green surroundings will make your stay memorable.


retreat house

The two-level Retreat House is a three bedroom, two bathroom cozy escape from the daily grind. This house has a wood stove, full kitchen with a dishwasher and can accommodate up to 12 guests.  Price includes linens & towels. Complimentary wifi.


hilltop house

This house is spacious and  has a large common area for informal gatherings.  It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom respite in the woods with a patio overlooking the creek.   This house can accommodate up to 12 guests.   Price includes linens & towels.  Complimentary WiFi.


bridge house

This house, nestled in the trees, has a comfortable and cozy living area. There's a rustic deck overlooking the creek. It's a three bedroom, bathroom bathroom house with a washer and dryer. This house can accommodate up to 10 guests. Complimentary WiFi.



The majority of the housing at the Woods consists of rustic cabins nestled under the redwood and oak trees. Bathrooms and showers are located nearby. Each cabin is furnished with bunk beds and an electric heater. Each cabin accommodates 8 to 12 guests.

tenting & rvs

The sunlit meadow is available for your tenting or RV needs, with a limited number of RV hookups. A covered patio provides shade or shelter at mealtime while you enjoy the sounds of Dutch Bill Creek. 

Meeting Rooms

indoor areas



Woods Inn

outdoor areas

Redwood Grove

Hillside Campfire

Creekside Campfire

Adventure Camp



A variety of on-site activities help you make the most of our 200 acres of gorgeous redwoods, home to a wide range of wildlife.

  • State of the art challenge/ropes course with certified facilitators (with advance notice)

  • Outdoor wood-fired pizza oven

  • Prayer and meditation labyrinth

  • Heated swimming pool (May through October)

  • Volleyball/basketball/softball/gaga pit

  • Campfire areas, large and small

  • Hiking trails - easy, moderate, and challenging

  • "Big Green Field" for football, soccer, frisbee

  • Cargo net

  • Large children's playground

  • Treehouse


Our central location offers a variety of short road trips and a rich menu of outings and adventures:

  • Sonoma Coast scenic routes & beaches, ten miles away (as the crow flies)

  • Bodega Bay fishing village, seafood restaurants

  • World class cycling routes

  • Dining and shopping in historic Occidental

  • Antiquing in Duncan Mills

  • Canoeing & kayaking on the Russian River

  • Wine country tasting & tours

  • Northwood Golf Course in Monte Rio

  • Nearby Osmosis Day Spa, massages & facials

Meals and Dining

If your group occupies the Woods entirely, our kitchen staff can provide whatever cuisine you like:

  • Themed meal plans

  • Vegetarian menus

No matter your group size, we provide fresh, healthy menu choices. We offer our guests:

  • Local, fresh fruits, vegetables, and breads

  • Organic Taylor-Maid coffee

  • Boxed lunches for hiking or day trips

Challenge Course


Westminster Woods' Challenge Course offers active, engaging programs for groups in which participants develop problem-solving and team-building skills. Groups may choose to include low or high elements, or both.

With over 30 low elements and a dozen high elements, the Woods' extensive Challenge Course presents an enjoyable challenge for participants of all ages. Our highly-trained facilitators provide expert instruction and patient guidance, and our course is inspected and certified for safety annually.

We are excited to be a part of the rapidly growing outdoor adventure industry, and are proud to be an active member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Participants might balance on cables, climb trees or zip through our redwood canopy, while harnessed and safely clipped in at all times.  Our facilitators help participants connect their experience to daily life, learn to trust others, and discover new strengths within themselves.


Team Challenges

For many of our programs here at Westminster Woods groups will choose to focus on ground based activities. There are several reasons why our Team Challenges may be more effective when hoping to achieve certain goals than our High Ropes Elements.

Our Low Ropes Course consists of over 25 elements, including a twelve foot tall scaling wall, large cargo nets, bridges, cable traverses, swinging ropes, wobbly balancing platforms, and giant spider webs. The focus of our Team Challenges is to provide an environment for groups to work on skill sets such as teamwork and cooperation, clear communication, trust and perseverance. The activities are presented in a fun and exciting way, and are intentionally designed to push groups out of their comfort zone and help participants explore and better understand how they work together.


high ropes elements

Westminster Woods is an institutional member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and follows ACCT industry standards.  ACCT is an internationally recognized industry leader in challenge course standards creation.  For more information about ACCT, visit their website: www.acctinfo.org.  Our course is inspected on a daily, monthly, and annual basis by trained on-site staff.  In addition, we hire a third-party ACCT vendor member to perform a complete annual inspection of our course and equipment.



The inclined log is a 30 foot timber lashed at an incline between two trees. Starting from 8 feet off the ground, participants must use their determination and balance to walk the length of the log to the top, at 40 feet. This element can be performed alone or as part of the Giant Swing series.



The Swing is a favorite element among the challenge course staff. Three distinct challenges make up the Swing: the Inclined Log, shown above, a ‘postman’s walk’, and the swing itself. While being held in the air by a belay system, participants climb a ladder, then walk the inclined log. After reaching the top, participants cross the ‘Postman’s Walk’ by stepping down onto a foot-cable and traversing by using a hand-line for balance. Once participants have crossed, they will meet a facilitator stationed at the swing platform who will assist them in securely clipping into our Giant Swing. Once the facilitators give the command, participants leave the platform, and find themselves swinging on a four story giant swing, soaring through our canyon!



Another favorite element, our 300 foot zipline begins with a walk up our ‘zipline trail’. Once at the top of the trail, participants must traverse a postman’s walk to reach the Zip Takeoff Platform where they are greeted by a facilitator who will assist them in attaching themselves to the Zipline. Participants are faced with a daunting task: letting themselves fall from a 40 foot platform, then zipping through our canyon far below…Once participants have reached the bottom, they are assisted by a facilitator in exiting the Zipline.


Our tallest element, the Lions Leap can be challenging in more ways than one. Participants climb nearly 50 feet up a mature Douglas Fir Tree, with the option of climbing the handles in the tree, or climbing the hanging cargo net. Once they reach the platform above, the participant can walk, run, or inch their way to the end of ‘the plank,’ where they leap for an adjustable hanging trapeze. Whether they catch it or miss, they are slowly lowered to the ground. A challenging element, not for the faint of heart!



At 25 feet in height the Eagle’s Perch may be one of our shorter elements, yet still packs a powerful punch. Participants climb a pole using ‘staples’ as handholds. Once at the top, participants must stand upon the top of the pole. Some find this to be extremely difficult, as the platform on top is quite small, and the pole can wobble… Once standing, participants leap out to try and hit one (or both) of the tetherballs suspended in the air before them. Hit or miss, participants are gently lowered to the ground.


The High V is a challenge designed for partners. Thirty feet in the air, two cables run from one tree to two separate trees. The goal is for a pair of participants to stand on the opposing cables facing one another and traverse out as far as they can using one another for support. By supporting one another, it is possible to make it extremely far! A great activity to emphasize the importance of support, trust, teamwork, and giving a helping hand.



Another paired element, the Giant’s Ladder requires a combination of strategy, balance, and strength. Participants first climb up a suspended cargo net to reach the first large rung of a ladder. The second rung rests five feet above the first and requires teamwork (or amazing agility) to reach it. Partners must help each other if they hope to succeed in reaching the top of this ladder. Once at the top, participants have a spectacular treetop view, as well as a cowbell to ring, claiming victory over the Giant’s Ladder before being lowered gently to the ground by their teammates.


The Multivine is a test in balance and cooperation. In pairs, participants climb up to a foot cable that runs between two trees. The goal is to traverse as far along the cable as possible. Suspended like vines (hence the name) along the length of the cable are several lengths of rope. Using each other as well as these ropes, participants traverse through the trees until they have accomplished the goals set out before them.



The Coho Crossing is another element that pairs participants together to overcome multiple obstacles as they traverse their way across the beautiful Dutch Bill Creek. With their partner, participants work together to make it across to the first platform. From there, they will go through a series of commands to communicate with one another as they transfer to the second leg of the course. Participants will then make their way back through a second set of obstacles until they have returned to solid ground. 

Creek Zip

The Creek Zip is the perfect introduction to the high ropes course. Younger participants and those with little experience with heights can enjoy a relaxing zipline across Dutch Bill Creek. The beauty of this element is that there is usually enough time for participants to ride more than once! On their second or third try, participants can opt to go off backwards or even wear a blindfold.



The Static Course is a wonderful activity for groups who desire work in responsibility, trust, cooperation, and communication. Paired participants will work together to traverse a series of conjoined elements while taking direct responsibility for their own safety through a self-belay system. Facilitators will lead the group through a course of seven high elements, ranging from 10-35 feet off the ground. As many as 12 people can be off the ground at one time, making this a true team activity.

If you are part of a school are are interested in a Challenge Course experience, please visit our School Programs page. 

If you are not part of a school, but are interested in a group Challenge Course experience, please contact Mark Fassett, our Guest Services Manager, at mark@westminsterwoods.org or 707-874-2426 x624.