Environmental Education

Our facility is nestled in 200 acres of a coastal redwood forest in Sonoma County, a short drive from the Pacific Ocean. Dutch Bill Creek, a Coho salmon habitat, flows through our campus and provides unique, hands-on learning opportunities. 


Students may get the opportunity to explore structure & function in our brand new microscope lab!


program descriptions

daytime programming

Forest Ecology

This all day redwood adventure will allow students to strengthen their observational skills while conducting investigations. Students may focus on topics such as food chains, biodiversity, or redwood anatomy while exploring various plant and animal communities. This is typically a full day program that includes lunch on the trail.

Watershed Ecology

Students will explore our local watershed which includes a salmonid-bearing stream. They will carry out an investigation focused on determining the health of the watershed while learning about aquatic habitats, water chemistry, and benthic macro-invertebrates. Available as a half or full day program.

Be The Change

Teacher Naturalists help students connect what they have learned to their home community. Typically, this program includes a short service project such as on-site habitat restoration, gardening, or trail-building. The program ends with a meaningful closure to the student’s experience at Westminster Woods. This is a final day closing program.

Marine Ecology (off-site)

Students will discover and enjoy the world-famous Sonoma County coastline. They will investigate marine communities by exploring topics such as estuary habitats, marine mammal ecology, and intertidal adaptations. We will visit one of our state beaches (Goat Rock Beach, Shell Beach, or North Salmon Creek Beach). Tidepooling is available during low tides only. This is a full day program.

Armstrong Woods (off-site)

During this adventure, Students will explore an old growth redwood forest. They will hike among some of the largest coast redwoods in the world. Students will deepen their understanding of forest ecology, develop observation skills, and consider human impact. This is a full day program.


evening programming


A classic campfire program that blends educational and entertaining skits, songs and stories in our redwood amphitheater. When able, we combine schools to develop camp community and create a lively campfire atmosphere. Available as a Character Development program.

Night Ecology

Teacher Naturalists will guide students on an exploration of the forest at night.  Students may gain comfort in the nocturnal world, learn about animal adaptations or marvel at the night sky. Available as a Character Development program.


Biomimicry supports NGSS by allowing students to explore “Structure and Function”. Students work in small groups to create new products and technologies based on designs inspired by nature. This program concludes with students presenting their product ideas through creative performance.


Students deepen their understanding of watersheds by viewing a locally produced video exploring our local watershed community. Students will then engage in an interactive activity focused on the water cycle.