Challenge Course


Westminster Woods' Challenge Course offers active, engaging programs for groups in which participants develop problem-solving and team-building skills. Groups may choose to include low or high elements, or both.

With over 30 low elements and a dozen high elements, the Woods' extensive Challenge Course presents an enjoyable challenge for participants of all ages. Our highly-trained facilitators provide expert instruction and patient guidance, and our course is inspected and certified for safety annually.

We are excited to be a part of the rapidly growing outdoor adventure industry, and are proud to be an active member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

Participants might balance on cables, climb trees or zip through our redwood canopy, while harnessed and safely clipped in at all times.  Our facilitators help participants connect their experience to daily life, learn to trust others, and discover new strengths within themselves.



  • Group sizes from 20 to 100

  • Adult/corporate groups

  • School/church/nonprofit groups

  • Family groups, reunions, etc.


  • Team-building

  • Character development

  • Expanding comfort zones

  • Discovering new strengths

  • Having fun!

Challenge Courses are experiential, memorable, and fun!  Our staff can work on specific outcomes, such as leadership development, healthy risk taking, self-empowerment, or coping skills. Our programs help participants learn how to take healthy risks, learn new skills and dare to enter into challenging situations.  At the end of each experience groups have an opportunity to reflect, interpret, and apply what they learned to their everyday life.

Westminster Woods is an institutional member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), and follows ACCT industry standards.  ACCT is an internationally recognized industry leader in challenge course standards creation.  For more information about ACCT, visit their website:  Our course is inspected on a daily, monthly, and annual basis by trained on-site staff.  In addition, we hire a third-party ACCT vendor member to perform a complete annual inspection of our course and equipment.

Check the Facilities page for a full list of the Challenge Course elements.

Challenge Course Participation Agreement Form

Group rental challenge course options

If your group would like to add a challenge course experience to your visit, there are three program options available:

  1. Full day challenge course experience: Our challenge course facilitators will use a mix of team challenge elements and high ropes course elements to achieve specific outcomes with your group such as team-building, communication, leadership skills, etc.

  2. Half day challenge course experience: A half day challenge course experience will include one or two low elements and team-building initiatives, as well as one high ropes element experience. If your group is looking to have a transformational experience on the challenge course with specific outcomes, a full day is highly recommended.

  3. Challenge Course a la Carte: If your groups' main goal on the challenge course is solely to have a fun, exciting time, a la Carte may be your best option. This option would include one high ropes element (either the Zipline or the Giant Swing) open for use for up to 20 people during a 3 hour period. A maximum of two elements (Lion's Leap, Eagle's Perch, Coho Crossing and/or Creek zip) may be added to accommodate an additional 12 participants each allowing for a total of 44 participants. This option does not include low elements or team-building initiatives.

*Please note that Challenge Course for group rentals is limited to Saturdays for up to 36 participants for a full or half day and up to 44 participants for a la Carte.

For pricing information and questions about adding Challenge Course to your groups' visit, please contact Mark Fassett, our Guest Services Manager, at or 707-874-2426 x629

If you are part of a school are are interested in a Challenge Course experience, please visit our School Programs page.