Friendship Camp

For Adults With Developmental Disabilities

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Jul 3, 2017 - Jul 8, 2017
Cost: $595 per session

Adults aged 18 to 75 years who are ambulatory, continent, and able to benefit from a camp experience are welcome. Camp life is like an extended family. Younger campers look to older ones for inspiration, and adult campers provide guidance to the young ones. Westminster Woods programs are open to everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap.

We are unable to accomodate those who need constant one one one care.

Campers are encouraged to choose for themselves from among a variety of available activities on a day-to-day basis: arts and crafts, singing and skits, a talent show, a dance, swimming, archery, and in individual and non-competitive team games.  No rigid participation in the pre-scheduled program is imposed, thus encouraging independent decision making and freedom of choice.  Each morning and evening a speaker will share briefly on a Biblical theme, such as love or forgiveness. Throughout the day, other activities and stories are selected to underscore that message. We also feel that our staff demonstrates God's love by the care and compassion the campers receive during their stay at Westminster Woods.

Staff Cabin counseling is provided by our college-aged summer staff and trained volunteers. Our ratio is 1 counselor for every 2-3 campers, depending on need. The Program Director, Camp Coordinator, Registered Nurse and First Aid Staff are involved and available around the clock

Camp length:  5 nights,  Monday morning - Saturday morning

Sleeping Accommodations:  Campers sleep on bunk beds inside cabins or huts (tarp-topped cabin).  Please indicate on application if camper cannot sleep on a top bunk. Each unit has electricity and heat.  Bathrooms and showers are a short walk away. 

Eating:  Campers eat inside the dining hall

Activities:  singing, crafts, wild cat show, dance, talent show, Bible studies, swimming

Camp size:  up to 75 campers

Cabin size:  4-7 campers in a unit  1:3 counselor to staff ratio