Dutch Bill Creek Watershed Restoration

Westminster Woods is grateful for its location in the middle of the Redwood Forest.  Dutch Bill Creek runs right through our camp grounds.  We collaborate with many local and state organizations to help preserve the local watershed and its inhabitants.  Here is a bit of information on the creek and how we are involved.  


The Dutch Bill Creek Coho Salmon Smolt Imprinting Tank


Westminster Woods was proud to install a smolt acclimation tank last week holding 2,000 coho salmon smolts.  The tank is one of the coho salmon recovery strategies taking place on the Russian River in an effort to restore the coho salmon population.  The Dutch Bill Creek coho salmon smolt imprinting tank will allow salmon in the smolt life stage to imprint on the water which will make it possible for them to return as adults.  Imprinting is similar to leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that will allow the Salmon to get back to the same spot to spawn. The smolt will spend 3 weeks in the tank before they head to the ocean.  Dutch Bill Creek, which has historically supported wild runs of coho, was one of the last streams in the entire watershed in which coho were found before being rescued and transferred to Warm Springs Hatchery.  This project is part of a collaborative effort with many local organizations.  

"Water is life"